Monday, June 29, 2009

Can I c more of ur pics?

My Ps are in the shopping mode. Like buying clothes for me. See this? What do you think of this? You like this, oh, but you should see others before you finalise have a few in hand. Needless to say, both my Ps as major shopaholics and are probably enjoying their little excursion to the core.

So one has been relenting, playing it fair... if one has agreed, one complies all the way. Now, the deal is, like in the case of clothes, what my parents think I should be wearing and what I think about the same are vastly different. So I get sent profiles by my parents of 'ladka bura nahi hain... family is good... blah blah.

Recently, I got sent profile of a person who my parents were pretty excited about. When I asked them what exactly they were excited about, neither could give me anything beyond the standard 'ladka bura nahi hai' which I have figured by now, is applicable for atleast a million other men.

So suitor #324 (I will henceforth pick a random number to refer to these people... for their privacy & mine) emails in.. 'hope you have seen my profile... if interested we could talk'. I said I did see, and we could. Online communication being the mother of all fuck ups in miscommunication with strangers (and even with friends sometimes) gave me the idea (and not to mention the fact that I could disappear when I liked)... I suggested, not fair that you should spend so much money, lets chat instead. #324 fell for the bait :)

Here is the transcript (parts of it have been masked for privacy)…

9:21 PM suitor #324: hi
9:22 PM me: hey
9:23 PM how are you doing
25 minutes later
9:48 PM suitor #324: good
did u see my profile, where do u live, what do u do
9:50 PM me: thought you spoke to my parents... anyhow i live in delhu
work - mr
market research
9:54 PM suitor #324: me too, are u in facebook, orkut
me: no i am not
9:55 PM suitor #324: can i c more pics of urs
where in Del u live
me: sure, will send more pics...
live in (area name)... r u familiar with delhi
9:57 PM suitor #324: yes very much
which block
my cousins lived in K
me: H... why??
suitor #324: which company u work
9:58 PM me: (company name)
suitor #324: ok,
i know someone there as well
me: who
suitor #324: can u send the pics now
9:59 PM some Banerjee
me: can i send later?
suitor #324: i forgot the first name
me: ok...
suitor #324: if u have now, then send now
me: am sure there are enough banerjees in (company name)
suitor #324: ur parents are in UK right
me: no... i think u r talking to the wrong person lol
my parents are in (country)
10:00 PM suitor #324: ur father told me that he is working abroad
me: yes, (country)
suitor #324: ur mom going to India
me: yeah, there are plans
suitor #324: u live alone
me: do u have any plans of heading to india
yes, i live alone
suitor #324: yes
10:01 PM whats ur phione number
me: its there in the email :)
10:02 PM suitor #324: no its not
me: in my father's email... anyway, it is (number)
suitor #324: cant see
are u open to move to (his country)
10:03 PM me: i can move anywhere
suitor #324: great
I have never heard this name (my name)
what does that mean
me: dont worry, i have heard it many times
suitor #324: listen, I gotta be back in 10 mins, can u wait
me: it means daughter
10:04 PM can we talk over the weekend if thats ok with you
suitor #324: when did u get back to India, where di u go college
yes, i will call u lil later today or tomorrow, can u send the pics now
10:05 PM me: listen, am a little tired and will probably just fall asleep in a while
suitor #324: ok fine
me: can we talk over the weekend
suitor #324: so will wait for pics
me: :)
suitor #324: sure
me: r u at work right now
10:06 PM suitor #324: yea
me: ok, shouldnt disturb i guess
suitor #324: plz send pics now
im curious
me: there is a pic on the profile
it is fairly accurate
suitor #324: i need more if u can
10:07 PM me: if its ok with you, i will send the pics later?
suitor #324: ok sure
me: and dont worry, am not bad to look at
10:08 PM suitor #324: lol, i know
ok, will call tomorrow
me: weekend
suitor #324: ok fine
me: bye

Ok, here is a little exercise for ze brains... count & observe:1) how many times he asks for my pictures, and I express my concern about sharing pics, 2) how many times I tell him I can't talk to him before the weekend, 3) how many times he misunderstands (1) and (2) and finally (4), his asking 3-4 questions in every message he writes out and last, (5) my lack of interest in knowing anything about him in return.

By God's grace, I have not had the pleasure of talking to him again. And I have not had to send more pics either.


Anwesha Chatterjee said...
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Anonymous said...

You should have sent your pictures and asked him to send a video recording where he is singing and dancing to 'Tujhko mirchi lagi to main kyaa karo' - what's with chatting when a photograph is good enough to decided where he/she is good enough to marry or not!

- Girl Interrupted