Saturday, June 27, 2009

The mandatory introductory post

Ok, so we are finally set up, I think. We have two bloggers here... suitable girl and eligible boy. Incidentally, we have noticed that these two characters have surprisingly mirror lives... what one does now, the other is surely to do within a couple of months. So when one of them (we will not name her/ him) declared that they had given the Ps the green signal to be entered into the marriage market, the other declared they had done the same within a couple of months.

So the brief biodata for these two:
Suitable girl (SG)
Age: Unknown
Location: Will not tell you
Likes: Books, chocolates, flowers and almost all good things in life

Eligible boy (EB)
Age: Similar to Suitable girl
Location: Will not tell you
Likes: Women, graphic novels, animation and other good things in life

Where the twain meets:
On this blog.

When SG is faced with a problem, she does 3 things: 1, thinks about ways to run away from it, 2, makes fun of it, 3, starts writing about it.

This time, with EB in partnership (FYI, this is our second 'creative' collaboration), we decided to take on (2) and (3). So this blog emerges.

This blog will give you two very distinct points of view... male & female, optimistic & sceptical, funny & angry, irritated & annoyed, norms & eccentricities of the marriage market, parents, suitors... mostly all at the same time!

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