Sunday, June 28, 2009

She turned around and said...

"You are a great guy, but I've never thought of you like that!!"..

Who came up with that sentence? I've often wondered. Someone must have come up with this sentence, as they feel like they are quite thought of and well executed. Now for all the guys who've never come across these words, these are the words used upon guys who are technically perfect as a life partner but for some odd unexplained reason, completely incomprehensible. And for the umpteenth time, I've proved myself again as this "friend"...FUCK!!!!

According to my theory, women need two men in their lives - a boyfriend & a best friend!! A best friend is someone they've always dreamed of - loving, caring, understanding, sweet, considerate, humorous and with an ability to know what to say and when to say it. A boyfriend is everything else. I've spent the good part of my conscious life trying to understand why it happens. Why do I end up being his friend?? I'm not camp, have no gay qualities, am an awesome kisser and a pretty good fuck!! (Wow, I've stooped to the level of boasting about my reproductive qualities..neolithic period, here I come!!)

So what do you do? Sometimes you sit and listen to sad Bollywood songs, sometimes you watch porn and other times, you complain to God almighty!!! But after spending 15 years doing that, I'm tired!! I'm tired of being this "cosmopolitan" friend!!! Talking about inconsiderate boyfriends, giving moral support, making them feel special, tell them how much attractive they are, in a platonic way (wtf???) and help them through the bad-breakup phase!!!

Thats when it came to me - I should take the plunge!!! Find a spouse and get married. And then I can channelise all these emotions of mine to someone who truly deserves, appreciates and reciprocates it!!

People have mid life crisis, which can often be quoted as epiphamy!! Mine came at the 1/3rd of mine!! I'm done! I'm done playing the sweet friend..Arranged marriage, here I come!!!

This is new!! I have no idea what lies ahead, but it wont be easy..well more material to write about, eh ;)

P.S.- To everyone who's interested in writing a blog, its a lot more fun when you are under the influence of alcohol, or any other intoxicating product for that matter (take example from Lewis Carroll), provided that you are willing to completely ignore the grammatical and spelling error :D)

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