Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Primary Phase

I lifted the title off one of my favourite fiction of all times - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (radio version). Imagine waking up one lousy morning, only to find out that your house has been commissioned to demolish, along with your planet. A little too much to compute and comprehend, and somehow it strangely reminds me of the situation I'm in.

The problem with alcohol is it wears off the next morning, and any decisions that you may have made under the influence demands reasoning. After making the decision to give into the whole arranged marriage scenario, I could not find any compelling argument that I could use to convince me that this is the best step forward. But then again, I could not find any argument to say otherwise. People always say to me - "you are young and free, enjoy it!! Why do you want to get hitched?" And I say, very true, but then you are all either married or in a relationship which leaves me to be the guy who goes to the cinemas and pubs by himself. (You know I do not have a single friend at the moment!!) Dont get me wrong, I'm not wanting to get married because I need someone to buy popcorn for. I just have to stop making all these really bad decisions when it comes to women. One moment, I'm the best friend/company/whatever she's had in ages, next minute she's disappeared off the face of the planet. I read on a pick-up artist's page that one of the first thing that turns women off is a nice guy!!! Yep, its true. If you are a nice guy, you'd end up being the friend who'll be "summoned" whenever the boyfriend turns into a bastard.

There is no end to this argument. So I thought, well if I get married, atleast my folks would be happy. So as soon as I sobered up, I decided to call up dad and give an official nod to marriage. My folks had hinted to me about getting married, since I was approaching 30. So I assumed that me saying "go ahead" would put them to ease, make them happy, excited..funny how that never turned out to be the case...the first thing dad said to me was, "so we'll have the ceremony in kerala, but do you also want to host a reception here in delhi? because I dont like these ceremonies and the concept of presents". You see,my father is a very simple down-to-earth man, he doesnt comply with all the show off that happens during weddings. But I wasnt expecting that. That very comment made it all real. Like a flash, I could see it happening. The whole marriage thing was becoming real!!! FUCK!!! Words started falling out of my mouth, and what I presume made into a sentence was "Sure, i'm not in favour of having any wedding receptions here in Delhi either", and then my brain took over "but thats a bit far off decision to make, dont you think? I mean first you'll have to advertise, compare any prospective matches, get my opinion, all that stuff. I mean that would take a few good months, wouldnt it?" My father is a very smart man, and I feel he detected fear in my voice.


suitable girl said...

i have noticed in this entire playing field, fathers are smarter, more sensitive, more well meaning than mothers. But then, that may be i am the girl, therefore, deviate more towards father...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there is always the fear of the unknown. But it can't be forever. I am unmarried too and it was alarming to see my friend circle dwindling in front of that monster called marriage. But marriage might ensure that there'll be a girl who won't disappear no matter how nice you are :-D

- Bachelorette