Monday, July 13, 2009

Rejection series

After having heard him out for approximately 25 minutes, I could not take it any further. I hung up. Hoping he would find me so rude that he wouldn't call me again. He did. After two days. Promptly I disconnected his call and shot off an email saying, we wouldn't be interested in taking discussions further yada yada yada... and not to cast a shadow on your background (I am so poetic no?). His email comes in.

Reproduced below with minor editing.

Hi (my name),

No prob.. In fact i was too not inttrstd to take it up as My bro and Bhabhi insist so . All that mails exchanged to your dad by my brother. When ur dad called me up and asked u to give a call i didnt call as i didnt feel like to call. I called you that day and today I cud nt tell on your dad face No . Secondly, My family is after me to get married which is obviuos. I am very simple person and I cant live with any female as they are very very complicated and selfish.Probably u find me rude in this mail for which am really sorry

Best of Luck in ur serach too . Before I read ur this mail I aleardy said my bro that i am not comfortable in talking to u AND DONT WANT TO TAKE FURTHER ..hope u dont mind..

A big thank you to you for your help by saying No ... atleast my family will not insist u to get in touch with u nymore.

Suitor # 328

His rant about the sisterhood aside, I think what bugs me more than anything else about his email is his inability to string a single sentence of English correctly. I almost feel like going all over his email and fixing all the sentences. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! you serious???? These are the guys you are being hooked up with??????????? Where have all the real men gone? Moan moan.

- Girl Interrupted